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Paper Wings we work for happiness

Posted on June 06 2022

Paper Wings we work for happiness

Paper Wings would not be Paper Wings without our dedicated family of skilled technicians.

Their passion and pride in what they do is present in every piece of kids's clothing we make.

Paper Wings clothing is created under one roof in the always vibrant Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

From design right through to packing it is a real team effort.

It is always our aim to provide our customers with the very best products to both our satisfaction and theirs.

Working together in a supportive and creative environment allows us to really get to know who we are and help each other to grow in ways we could never have achieved alone.

The last few years have been challenging for so many businesses, including ours.

We are immensely proud  to continue to create opportunities, exciting new products and to help children everywhere celebrate childhood.

Working at Paper Wings for over 16 years now,  is both a joy and a luxury never to be taken for granted.


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