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Paper Wings

Upcycled Halter Swimsuit - Tattoo by Paper Wings


Paper Wings Upcycled Halter Swimsuit with Tattoo print.

A lovely darker toned print inspired by vintage tattoos, featuring tiny flowers and bluebirds in lovely cooler tones. This classic halter one piece and the fun print featured is a great choice for a quick swim, a day by the pool or at the beach and you can feel safe knowing your little ones are protected from the sun wearing our SPF 50+ fabric. Don't forget the sunscreen and a good hat. 

Artwork is printed on excess SPF 50+ 82% polyester 10% Lycra knit fabric.


The upcycled swimwear range is a combination of shapes and prints using excess SPF 50+ protected production fabric collected from past seasons swimwear production. We have coordinated popular prints and styles together to produce fun and functional swimwear for your little ones. 


Again, Paper Wings would like to invite you to continue to be part of our ongoing green, sustainable and upcycling initiatives. As part of our commitment to minimising waste, our design team have created a practical and fun collection of swim options for your children, upcycling excess fabric  from past collections. You get the best Paper Wings styles and  fantastic prints from the Paper Wings Archive.

Together with you our customers, we hope to promote sustainability and anti-waste management practices in the garment industry and in turn positively influence the future of our planet. We thank you in advance for exploring our environmental initiatives. Our goal is to upcycle all excess production fabric from past seasons, and in doing so allow us to offer a great product at an appealing price point.

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