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Paper Wings

RANDOM GIRLS Upcycled Short Sleeve Nightie


NOTE: This is a lucky dip meaning that you have the chance to get any of our soft cotton prints/plains!


The pyjama range has 5 for girls and 3 silhouettes for boys. Each pyjama set is a unique combination of available past season prints, plains and stripes. We have coordinated random prints, stripes and plains together to produce harmonious and stunning sets for you and your little one. You will be able to choose which silhouettes work best for you with options for both summer and winter. 


Again, Paper Wings would like to invite you to continue to be part of our ongoing green, sustainable and upcycling initiatives. As part of our commitment to minimising waste, our design team have again created a practical and fun collection of comfy pyjamas for you and your children, upcycling excess fabric and plains, stripes and prints from past collections. You get our super soft organic cotton, the best Paper Wings silhouettes and our fantastic prints.

Paper Wings is not only a sustainable brand that uses organic cotton and low impact dyes, but is also committed to touching the lives of those who contribute to producing our products as much as those who experience the joy of wearing our designs. What started as a small family owned business has expanded organically with the help of our passionate team and loyal customers. We derive great joy from the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our team members and their families, developing and nurturing their skills, watching their children and family grow, and building the Paper Wings community here in Vietnam.

Together with you our customers, we hope to promote sustainability and anti-waste management practices in the garment industry and in turn positively influence the future of our planet. We thank you in advance for exploring our environmental initiatives.Our goal is to upcycle all excess production fabric each season, and in doing so allow us to offer a great product at an appealing price point.

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